Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School Ties + Cookies for Caring

School Ties creates global educational experiences for students working together to raise funds for school supplies in developing countries.

At my son's school, here in Houston, a group of second graders have been communicating with kids in Nairobi, Africa. The kids were sent an abundant amount of string and they produced the most beautiful friendship bracelets. I have partnered with School Ties to raise money to send these kiddos to school.  Every day this week, we will be auctioning each bracelet along with a set of Whip It Good Cookies. It only costs $30 to send a child to school in Africa for a year so let's send as many kiddos as we can!!

Bidding starts at $30. Bidding will close each day at 9:00pm (central time). The winning bid will be sent a Paypal invoice. Shipping will included or personal delivery for local winners (Houston area). Please comment on each day's Facebook post with your bid and Paypal email address. Thank you so much for your willingness to help!

Please read more about the awesome School Ties program here:

On Monday, we auctioned off a bracelet and the set of Africa cookies that I made.

 On Tuesday, the lucky winner bid on a bracelet and these floral cookies.

Today we are auctioning off this bracelet made by Teddy.  Teddy is a second grader living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. His parents died, which left him an orphan. He has a huge smile and a great desire to learn. His favorite food is beans and he can sing the hokey poky like no one's business. Teddy wants to be a teacher when he grows up. He wants to go to school, but has difficulty paying the cost of school supplies. He has made this bracelet and sent it with a wish that he can go to school. By making a bid on Cookies for Caring you can help send Teddy to school. Every child deserves an education, including Teddy!

We will be chatting with these kiddos again on May 13th and would love to be able to tell them that we have sold all of the bracelets they made.  Thanks for your support!!!  XOXO

Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashback Friday

In honor of my rock-star-friend, Tracy of Spry Art Photography who just had a baby boy yesterday (yes, she is now a mom of FIVE awesome kids), I'm posting some pics she took of our kids and my cookies about three years ago.  This was when I'd just started making cookies and she had the brilliant idea of doing a shoot that mimicked the JCrew Kids catalog.  Austin was just 4 years old and madly in love (as most boys were/are with her Emily) and Jack was just a baby and wearing leg warmers. {tear}
Congrats Jesse & Tracy on beautiful TJ Robinson!!! XOXO

Well, hello there!

Hi guys!  I realized that it's been more than 6 months since I've posted anything on my blog!  So sorry about that.  With kiddos, a hubby, a new dog, work, lacrosse, cub scouts, cleaning the permanent marker off of EVERYTHING in my house, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and cookies, my little blog gets neglected. 
I hope your 2013 was awesome.  I don't know about you but I am hoping that 2014 is going to be 100% more awesome!  I love the new year.  I think about it as a clean slate to get organized and in shape financially and physically (as I sit her typing and eating the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls I just lathered with icing). I hope to post more on here for those of you who may not be on Facebook or Instagram as often.  If you're not, I am usually on Instagram everyday, all day.  I actually have to remember to post pictures to Whip It Good Facebook because I usually post pictures through Instagram. 
Anyhow, here are some of my favorite cookies that I made from 2013. :) I have one more special set from 2013 that no one has seen yet.  I promise to post this weekend!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tool Party

  My sweet Jack turned 3 last month and a tool party was the perfect celebration.  He is OBSESSED with tools. If you've met him, you were probably annoyed at how many times he asked about your tools or to look in your garage/tool box or told you 2684 times about his crescent wrench, level or tape measure.  I think he now has a nicer collection of tools than my hubs.  In fact, we are often having to borrow his tools to fix things around the house.

Getting the party supplies was pretty easy and inexpensive since I snatched most everything from mine and my dad's garage.  :)
Leslie Nash of Leslie Nash Designs created all of the printables for the party.  She is a crafty genius, a gem to work with and sent everything to me ready to go.  LOVE her!!

I made the tool cookies of course. :)  When you schedule your 3 year old's birthday party the same day as your 7 year old's regional swim meet, it's off to Kroger for a birthday cake.

I had the kids on the swim team help assemble the tool skewers for the centerpieces that Leslie printed.

Pretzels Pleaze's chocolate covered pretzels were the perfect touch and so delicious!  Jack was so excited about these.

My hubs had just gotten a new tool box for Father's Day so it was the perfect area for the plates and cutlery.

I LOVED the tags that Leslie made for the party favors.  I picked up some tool boxes from the dollar store and filled them each with a shop rag, a Home Depot pencil and apron, a wood building activity which came with a paint set, safety goggles and some tool tattoos.

In addition to all of the party printables that Leslie whipped up, she also designed and made this awesome T-shirt for Jack.  My favorite part!
The kids chose their tool box based on the wood building set they wanted to make.  The sets came from Toys R Us and included with paint, nails/screws and wood glue.  They got to chose from a sail boat, race car, bird house, train and fire truck.
The kiddos had a great time playing with all of Jack's tools too.

Happy 3rd birthday to our own Mr. Fix-It.  We love you Jack-Jack.
Custom printables and T-shirt - Leslie Nash Designs
Chocolate dipped pretzels - Pretzels Pleaze
Tool Cookies - Whip It Good Cookies